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About Us

Whether preparing for the future or just planning our day-to-day lives, we all know that discussing money and financial decisions is a stressful and highly emotional subject for most people. Our money is often what maps out where we live, determines what we're going to buy or do, and shapes our decisions - both little and big. From putting children in school to retirement in the golden years, our financial decision now will create our life later.

The financial planning industry has lost sight of its purpose. Your advisers often know little-to-nothing about you except the size of your portfolio and you're lucky to hear from them twice a year. Most financial advisers fail to exercise the oversight and accountability of your investments that you deserve. Going to your financial adviser should not be like going to your dentist for a routine checkup; it should be in a relaxed, creative setting with professionals you trust.

At Eden Advisory Services, we want to take responsibility for your most valuable asset. After working in the financial planning industry for 25 years, Joe has learned the ins and outs of what makes people tick, how to make dreams come to fruition, and the role that money plays in every aspect of our lives.

Eden is a place where we will meet to map out your short and long-term financial goals while sipping on a latte of your choice. With us, you are not a number - you are a valued part of the family. Welcome to Eden.